Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Your wait will be rewarded

The day began with such good intentions.

I was at the sewing machine by 9am. Straight into fixing the side seams of the sleeveless top I'm making. Pin and measure. Try on and pin some more. Stitch. Got it right.

Then...well it's certainly not a bag anymore but it needs some structure or definition. I decide to use bias tape to finish the neck and armholes. But I don't have any.

Wait. Fabricland is having a members 50% off sale. Oh right - it's tomorrow.

Okay. So I move on to my neglected apron. (Yes, it's not strictly a priority considering the dresses I need to make but...) It's all cut out, pretty much ready to go. I figure out the neckline and start contruction. No fancy facings here, just serge/fold over/stitch the edges and hem. Add some trim the the wrap neckline. Get the pocket ready. Now how am I going to do the neck and waist ties? Decide to use D-rings and black twill tape. But I don't have the right size D-rings or the right colour tape.

Wait. Fabricland is having a members 50% off sale. Oh right - it's tomorrow.

So here I am, having stolen a cookie or two from the freezer to console my frustration. They're the Auntie Mary's I told you about. The good news is that Shauna says it's okay to share the recipe. My gift (and Shauna's) to you for your patience with my rant.

Auntie Mary's

2 Cupsflour
½ tspbaking powder
¼ tspsalt
½ Cupbutter
1 package125gr cream cheese
½ Cupbrown sugar
¼ Cupwhite sugar
1 tspvanilla
4 ozsemi-sweet chocolate
23 CupEagle brand condensed milk
½ Cupfinely chopped walnuts
icing sugar

Cream the butter and cream cheese.
Add sugars and beat unitl light and fluffy.
Add vanilla and egg and beat well.
Mix in dry ingredients.
Divide into 4 balls and chill 2 hours.

Meanwhile, melt chocolate.
Stir in Eagle Brand condensed milk and walnuts.

Working with one ball at a time, roll dough into 10"x6" rectangles.
Spread chocolate mixture ¼" thick over the centre third and fold sides over chocolate. Your rectangle should now measure ~3.5"x6".

Bake seam side down at 350° for ~13 minutes, just until bottom turns golden.


  1. Looks yummy!

    I'll have to try it out.

  2. best cookies EVER... really... In fact the next time I go to your house I am sneaking down to the freezer and getting one.. teehee