Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting motivated to clean house

I had plans for the day. really. And they sure didn't involve cleaning.

...But...the dust, the dog hair - oh yes, our sweet pea sheds tons - and all the daily grime that gets tracked through the house. I couldn't keep the blinders on any longer. The cleaning began.

I started with dishes left over from watching the Olympics last night. Stripped the kids' beds and got the laundry going. I desperately need to vacuum upstairs and the front entry. And let's face it, the whole house.

I don't know anyone who loves to clean and god knows I don't. I'll leave it as long as I can.

Until I get disgusted.
Or I get in the mood.
It does happen.

We have a small house and if the kids don't find homes for their stuff I start looking to pitch things.

The best way to motivate myself is to invite friends over. That way, I get good company, yummy food and am left with a clean house when they leave.

I suspect that if we pretended we were selling our house, things would get done too. But, having watched friends go through the process for real, I'm not ready for the stress of an always clean house.

So, I've embraced the reality of living with two kids and a dog in an untidy, sometimes dirty house.
Just not for today.

Should you get the urge, here are a couple links you might find helpful:

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