Friday, March 19, 2010

Gardening seeds

Well that's one more checkmark on my to-do list. The vegetable seeds are ordered.

I was really upset that I missed Seedy Saturday. You can get some interesting organic seeds that are produced locally including Greta's Organic Garden and La ferme biologique Bullion. I like to try a few packets before I make a real order.

I went with my standby, OSC. Most of their seeds are not organic but they do carry a large selection of heirloom varieties and no genetically modified seeds. And I feel better buying from a company that focuses on seed rather than say, Martha Stewart brand organic seeds. Yes to organics but...

This summer I hope to have a bumper crop of beans, tomatoes and beets. I'll also have some cucumbers and zuchini (I have an awesome recipe for chocolate zuchini loaf ) some radishes, lettuce, goes on. I've also got seeds I saved from my garden last year and, if I'm lucky, I'll get a present from my neighbour. He starts seedlings indoors and sometimes has too much. My leeks are from him.

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