Monday, March 15, 2010

Milk chocolate pudding cake

Yesterday was rainy, gray and cold. Yuck. So, we pretended it wasn't.

My man did ribs on the BBQ and I made coleslaw and oven fries. Just in case that didn't work, I made milk chocolate pudding cake. Warm, chocolate comfort that will make anyone feel better - even the boy with the never-ending cough.

The recipe is from the Milk Calendar. It's a keeper but whenever I make it in an 8x8 pan, it boils over and messes up the oven. This time I made it in a 3L oval with higher sides. No mess.

So by now you may have figured out that
  1. I bake. A lot. I don't promise that it always turns out but practice makes perfect.
  2. My favourite food is chocolate.
  3. I also like lemon.
  4. I need to get better at taking pictures. In fact, if my pic doesn't whet your appetite, you should really just see the image on the Milk Calendar website. Far more appealing.
Stick with me. I do plan on reading the manual for the camera. Even better, we do spring for a digital SLR (we covet one), I promise to practise and read the manual. And work on composition. Really just another process I need to learn to love...


  1. I just printed that recipe because it looks so good, so wrong, but so very good.