Friday, March 26, 2010

One off the list...

I did get to Fabricland yesterday and stocked up on a few basics like needles and thread. I also got the required items to finish the apron and top.

The apron is done.

So can anyone tell me why nothing is quite as straight forward as it seems? Once again, I learned a few things from a project: 
  1. Canvas does not drape nicely.
  2. It would behoove me to make a test garment when I'm making up my own pattern...actually, for anything that I really care about.
  3. Flying by the seat of your pants, while creative, means that you have to be flexible. Sometimes, you have to cross the ties in the back to make the neckline lie flat; also so that you have enough twill tape.
  4. A cup of tea and reading a few pages of a good book (The Road from Coorain by Jill Ker Conway) can help you improve your outlook.

On the whole, I'm happy.
  1. It's a finished project and that's always good.
  2. The apron looks pretty good. (I will probably buy more tape so that I can tie it in front.)
  3. It inspires me to bake. I think Lemon Ginger Sugar Cookies are in order.

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