Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Learning to love process

Last night over coffee at Tim's - that Tim Horton's for all you who aren't Canadian - Olga and I got chatting about stashes. You know, in the closet or chest, stuff you had to have for that perfect project?

The reasons for its existent are as varied as there are crafters. My reasons/excuses include:
  • getting interupted,
  • needing to find just the perfect buttons,
  • the item no longer being in season,
and my favourite,
  • having something more inspiring to work on.

Well I'm working on it.

I've decided to make a sleeveless top using fabric from my stash, a soft cotton/silk blend, using a pattern from an old Burda magazine, the Sept. 99 issue.

(I tend to keep everything thinking it might come in handy).

In keeping with the spirit of enjoying process, instead of making bias tape from the fabric, I'm going to finish the armholes and neck with a hand-stitched rolled hem.

And I will enjoy process as a moving meditation of stitching.

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