Monday, March 29, 2010

A reason for all the pins

I'm having fun. Really. I realized yesterday as I obsessively pinned pattern pieces to the fabric that I was happy.

It's not often that I carefully pin before cutting out. Now that I have fabric weights, a rotary cutter and 3'x6' of self-healing cutting mats, I mostly don't bother.

Because I like to go fast.
Because this isn't part of a project that I enjoy.
Because, because really I can be lazy.

Go figure that I have to adjust pieces when I sew them together! But not this time.

It's because I know my daughter will love this dress. It's because I will love her wearing it. And mostly, it's because of the occassion that she'll be wearing it.

After living together for almost 13 years, her father and I are getting married. In Vegas baby. and I'm happy - we're all happy. (It's a long story but there will be no Elvis; I managed to negotiate that out of the deal.) Which is why I'm so focused on sewing dresses...

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  1. WHAT no Elvis... really??? .. we are excited too... teehee.. can't wait..