Monday, March 22, 2010

Pattern challenge:Butterick B4385

Tic toc I've got to get in gear!

I need to make to special dresses, one for our daughter and one for me, by April 23rd. Lots of time right?

That's what I thought a month ago while turning them over in my mind. They would be both simple lines, easy to sew and not much trim. Or maybe I'd do some hand-beading on them. hmmm. You can do anything in your dreams...

We've looked at silks, cottons and linen. I'm a little shy of silk because it's slippery but it would be nice. The girl thought maybe blue. I steared her away from a peacock dupioni. Too formal and this event is anything but. Yesterday we settled on a fuschia cotton satteen. It will go well with her colouring: fair, blue eyes, sandy blonde hair.

Her dress will be view C although I may make it just below the knee. She might get to wear it longer that way. We see how it looks and what she thinks.

I was going to buy a silk jaquard for me but the store that had it was closed. I did however get my pattern. I'll show it to you later, once I've got the fabric.

The cotton satteen is in the wash so I'm on my way. Wish me luck!

PS. I've joined the Pattern Challenge on Come and See the Seitz.

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