Friday, February 19, 2010

Why wear an apron?

Seeing a woman wear an apron lets you know she loves to create…You just naturally think, “What is she making?”

The quote is from the article “What is she making” by Jeannie Pierce in the Artists in Aprons issue of MaryJanes Farm. If you're at all interested in stiching, farm life or strong women, you should check it out.

Growing up, there were always a few aprons hanging up by the fridge in my house. My mom wore one daily as she went about her work.

Now I wear one in the kitchen when I’m making messes – bread, dinner or cookies. And I want one for holding clothes pins when I hang my laundry out in the warm weather.

An apron says I’m doing something important. And it ties me to past generations of women in my family. Kinda’ grounding.

Here’s what I’m working with to make a new one:

Need some inspiration? Check out some great aprons for sale on Etsy. The gallery is constantly changing. Another site for vintage-style aprons is Cupcake Provocateur.

So go ahead. Tie one on!

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