Monday, February 1, 2010

Ta da!

Handstiching must qualify as a moving meditation. The needle goes in and comes out in a slow, methodical rhythm. You pause to admire your work and imagine the finished piece. You continue - in and out just like breathing - and you swear "cursed bullion knots!" But they look so good...At least once the rose was finished my peace returned. I'm really happy with the results and looking forward to doing more.

Here's another project I need to finish.

I've done the first earring to tweak the technique and test it out. French knots are one of my favourite stitches - nowhere near the effort of a bullion but still give an interesting texture - is anyone really going to own up to enjoying stiching bullions?

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  1. Hi Jen:

    Since you are awaiting your first comment, I thought I would supply one. I even have a question. What the heck is a bullion? Have a great day!