Friday, February 26, 2010

Spiced Butternut Cranberry Squares?

I was reading Inside Storey blog today and saw a post by Amy Cotler for Spiced Butternut Cranberry Squares made with local ingredients. They sounded delicious so I had to try.

I knew I didn't have a butternut squash but figured I'd use pumpkin from the freezer - and hey, it was local. So were my eggs.

Wouldn't you know I was just about out of white sugar! Well I often use less than called for so instead of 2 C of white, I used ½C white and ½C brown sugar.

End result is maybe not as sweet but...loaded with tart cranberries, sweet apple and loads of spicy flavour.  The kids loved it and the recipe is a keeper!

If you're going to try, you may want to use a 9x9 pan. Mine was so light it rose well above the edge of the 8x8 pan.

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