Monday, February 8, 2010

How my garden grows

I try to enjoy winter - really - and sometimes I do. Crisp, sunny days covered in bright white snow are wonderful. But...I'm really looking forward to spring, to gardening and an end to kids with colds.

My Lee Valley Gardening catalog arrived the other day. Between it and my seed catalogs, it's easy to lose myself in planning my garden. I'd love to run snap beans up this trellis from Lee Valley. Isn't it gorgeous? They also have some lovely May poles.
My plant list so far includes:
  • tomatoes: Brandywine, cherry and beefsteak
  • green, purple and dragon's breath pole beans
  • lima beans (for my man and I have to admit fresh is pretty good- I don't like the mealy frozen ones
  • aspargus
  • leeks from my neighbour
  • romaine and leaf lettuce
It would be a long list but you get the idea...

Also, I did finish the pincushion - yay me - although it's probably smaller than it should be. I'm using it to organize my embroidery needles that are in use.

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