Monday, May 3, 2010

Pattern challenge: Butterick B4385 - Finished!

Finished under the wire on April 22, just days before we left for the vacation/wedding.

The good news is that my daughter loved it and felt really pretty in it. The bad news was really all in the fitting. So on to the review...

The difficulty really comes from the fact that the style was a poor choice for my girl. The pattern fits sizes 7 through 14 and includes shaping through the bust - not required for my girl yet.



The dress needed considerable fitting through the bodice area. It needed to hang hang properly but the adjustments were difficult to make without yet having straps to keep the dress on and in the right spot. I tried pining to an undershirt and taping to her body using painter's tape. Neither technique was particularly successful.

The straps turned out to be too short so I used a wide ribbon. However the ribbon would not lie flat over her shoulder blades. Positioning them was frustrating and in the end I resorted to making the dress into a halter. My daughter was happy and it made final fitting easier.

I would not recommend this pattern unless your daughter has begun to develop or your experienced in fitting.

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