Saturday, May 1, 2010

A beautiful place

We're back. It was a wonderful trip for so many reasons I'm sure to miss some in a list but I'll give it a go.

The wedding. Simple and sweet with our children and special friends looking on. Surprisingly beautiful for all that it was a Vegas wedding. Maybe because we skipped Elvis. 

The scenery. The Strip always has lots to see but we also had views of the mountains from our hotel room and we drove out to Red Rock Canyon to explore. Gorgeous rocks and beautiful succulents - even the hail was wonderful to experience in the desert.

The food. Hard to pick a favourite: the burgers were exceptional at the Burger Bar and we did manage an adult evening at Aureole where every dish was superb but even the Mexican restaurant we found way out on Tropicana was good. I loved the sweet corn tamales.

Glad to be home though. My garden is sprouting and blooming and I feel re-energized. 

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  1. Welcome Home. So happy to hear you all had a great time. Pics of the wedding please.....