Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden update

A woman can't just sit at a sewing machine for days on end, she also needs to sow in order to reap. Yes, I know, bad bad pun. Sometimes I just can't help myself!

At my neighbour's suggestion, I am trying an experiment with peas. I sowed half a packet of seeds as I normally would and soaked the other half overnight in water with a crushed vitamin C pill. He's read that by soaking in this way, you can get a better yield. We'll find out in June.

I've also started radishes: Easter egg, Early Scarlet Globe and French Breakfast; romaine and golden beets.

Other goodies growing in the garden include:

my rhubarb (can't wait for pie!),
asparagus - second year,

and a gift of spinach seedlings from my neighbour.

The front gardens are starting to come to life as well. Some of my favourites are the trilliums (just a couple shoots), lily of the valley, white bleeding hearts, and these:

primulas' glorious return
my unknown spring woodland flowers.

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