Monday, April 12, 2010

Baby steps, wine and thank you

Today is Monday. Is it over yet?

Yes, it's been one of those days. This morning I was ready to blog all about how difficult it can be to parent and when can I get a vacation from said responsibility!?

But first I read one of my favourite blogs, Resurrection Fern, and was pulled into a world of peace. So thank your Margie.

I'm getting nervous about our trip and wedding. I thought I'd better tackled some of my to do list including making sure we have proper documentation to cross the border with our kids. Remember, although we've been together a long time and the kids our both our natural children, I have a different last name. With security the way it is these days (and rightly so) we need to be able to prove that we are the parents. After reviewing the information on the gov't. of Canada web site and the US gov't site, I felt the need to call the US embassy for clarification. After a long automated response with no appropriate option, the system referred me to their web sites and hung up.

I called the Registrar General of Ontario and was given the information I need. So thanks to the person I spoke to. It took all of two minutes.

High on my to do list is sewing my dress. I admit it. I was looking for easier jobs but today I started sewing the bodice together. Pin, pin, pin. Do a test, stitching scraps.

My Bernina is wonderful. Perfect tension, no slips and away we go. So thank you Marjorie - for the machine, for the visist and reassurance, and for your kind wishes for our trip.

Kids get home and promptly have a fight. One is sent to their room for hitting. I cuddle and speak with the other. I then speak to the offending child. Well really, it takes two so they're both at fault. I know why there was an argument. I also know why one hit the other and am able to explain to both kids their part in it so that they understand.

Not sure who to thank - Dr. Spock maybe or maybe my mom who tells me to take a deep breath. Either way thank you. I (we) got through it okay.

My man is exhausted. He's working hard on a software release at his day job and has been working hard on a volunteer job. But friends need his help (best friends at that) so away he goes after work. I'm left with the kids to feed and get to bed. I'm concerned for him but also, being honest here, I want him home for moral support with the kids. Well, he's teaching me patience and generosity and god knows I need reminders there! Also, as he often says, "Wine - we have kids for god's sake - of course we have wine!"

So thank you Rob. I'm enjoying a glass while they get ready for bed. I love you; seen you soon I hope!

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  1. I've had those days...glad you could see all the good in it though:)