Monday, November 22, 2010

Rainy Mondays...

A hard morning for all of us, but a hard morning for my boy especially.

It's Monday and back to school. He doesn't want to go. I hurry him along and he complains. I say (shout) you're going to miss the bus. He says it's not his fault. I say back "yes it is". We get out the door and just a I say watch out, it's slippy (freezing rain), there he goes down on his bum. I catch him but still...he goes down again at the sidewalk. We walk on fallen leaves to try to get better traction. The bus is late so we stand in the rain.

I tell him I can't change the weather, and I can't change school; but I can make peppermint hot chocolate for him and his sister when they come home.

Apparently, I can't take pictures today either...but the kids enjoyed the hot chocolate. Now just waiting for my man to get home and all will be well.

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